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Our Business - We do Dirt!


Our current equipment includes the following:
2005 Kenworth Dump truck - tri axle.
1975 Kenworth Tractor and 2003 35 ft. Lowboy trailer.
1984 Peterbuilt tractor and 1982 Freuhauf 45 ft. flatbed trailer.
2005 Caterpillar D6N Dozer with 6 way blade and winch.
2001 Caterpillar D5M Dozer with 6 way blade and winch.
2007 Caterpillar 312CL Excavator with 42" bucket.
2019 299D Skid Steer with Bucket, Grapple Rod Bucket, and Mega Mower Heavy Duty Brush Mower.
1946 Galion Road Grader
2008 Ford 450 and 2008 dual wheel tandem axle 40 ft. Gooseneck with 31 ft. bottom deck.
Finn trailer mounted straw blower.
Sheeps Foot Roller.

Johnnie has been operating equipment since 1978. He has been in business for himself since 1987. He was a one man operation with a semi, lowboy and a dozer until he met Kathy.

In 2007, he went out on a limb and purchased his first excavator and taught Kathy to operate. We have been a duo every since.

From clearing brush to building farm ponds or new house sites, we have several years of experience in the business to take care of your dirt moving needs.

Don't forget:

 "Some do drugs, some do alcohol, WE DO DIRT!" ~ Johnnie Boston



You can reach Johnnie or Kathy at 304-643-4400 at home. 

Johnnie can be reached on his cell at 304-481-3687.

 Kathy can be reached on her cell at 304-483-1333 for more information.


We take off the 2nd week of July and the last week of October so that we can put on Boston's Antique Engine Show.


2005 Kenworth Dump Truck

1975 Kenworth with lowboy trailer


1984 Peterbilt with CAT 425

2008 Ford 450

CAT 312CL Excavator

2019 299D Skid Steer with brush mower

1946 Galion Road Grader

Johnnie L. and Kathy J. Boston - Owners/Operators
Johnnie L. Boston, General Contractor, LLC

461 Boston Drive
Pennsboro, WV 26415

304-643-4400 - Home
304-481-3687 - Johnnie Cell
304-483-1333 - Kathy Cell