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70 HP Cooper Bessmer Engine with Gas Compressor


70 HP Cooper Bessemer Engine with Gas Compressor located on Gillispie Road, Ritchie County, WV.   
This engine was put in operation  approximately around 1956 until approximately 1980.  In this picture the building had just been torn down so it could  be removed and taken to Hildreth Supply in Spencer, WV whom had purchased the engine.


70 HP Cooper Bessemer was put in operation on Gillispie Road (Ritchie County, WV) on Johnnie's homeplace in 1956 and continued to operate there until about 1980. It pumped natural gas into the Hope gas line when they were bucking high line pressure. The engine was also used in the summer months to repressure the storage fields. Granddad and Uncle Pete serviced and maintained the engine while in operation. I remember going with them and my brothers, Jim and Bob, on a daily basis to oil the machine. 
Hildreth Supply purchased it and took it to Spencer, WV.  I, Johnnie, was able to purchase it from Hildreth Supply in the summer of 2004.  Finally in February 2011 we found a drop deck trailer to mount the engine permanently onon.  Soon there after we loaded it onto the trailer and started working it.  First by cleaning out years of grime.  We went through every nook and cranny.  Since our work was slow we were able to commit our time to getting the big beast ready to show.  We spent almost two months solid working on it with help from very special friends and family.  After hours of sanding off all the paint, plumbing it up, repainting and getting the trailer ready,  we were able to show it for the first time in July 2011 at By the Lake Antique Equipment Show in Harrisville, WV. We now only show it during our show, Boston's Antique Engine Show, in July and November.  

We would like to thank some very special people for their help in getting the Cooper Bessemer up and show ready.
Bob Boston and Dan Easterday for helping get the engine loaded onto the trailer.
Jim Boston for helping with plumbing.
Dan Easterday for his countless hours of support and help but mostly his advice.
Chuck Morrison for his hours spent doing all the welding on the trailer.
Proudly shown by Johnnie and Kathy Boston